Honestly, I just love what I do.


Samuel Thompson, 21, has built a polymathic career. Sam has built businesses since he was 15. He has worked in the world of social media, virtual reality, non-profts, digital marketing, law, alternative foods, fashion, and many more. 
Most recently Sam launched the VYRL Collective, an Instagram eco-system focused on helping creatives, entrepreneurs, and students through providing educational resources, influencer mentorship, and a supportive community to allow them to pursue their passions and create opportunity.
As a founding partner of the Institute of Ethics, a non-profit research center and venture studio that focuses on creating tangible social impact, Sam leverages his experience and ability to create businesses that generate revenue that powers social initiative to help the poor and marginalized.
Sam has most recently given a TEDx Talk in New York about redefining society’s idea of perfection. He has continuously impacts over 100,000 students, creatives, and entrepreneurs worldwide through social media, speaking, and mentoring.
As a innovative thinker, growth expert and culture influencer, Sam is passionate about working with companies looking to create tangible impact on the culture they participate in by revolutionizing their company and industry.
He is always looking to speak about entrepreneurship, social responsibility, innovation, social media, and ethics at schools, events, and festivals. 
If you are interested in having Sam speak at your event, please send an email to amy@bluum.io.